Bosch Automotive Trained Technicians

Our technicians have studied with Bosch all over Australia, Queensland, South Australia,Tasmania and Victoria, at tafe centres and at the Bosch training centre in Melbourne. We have also visited the BMW factory in Munich Germany for studies.

Bosch is one of the world’s largest independent automotive original equipment suppliers. For over a century, Bosch has been a leader in supplying the world’s vehicle manufactures with the most innovative state of the art systems and components.

Bosch has always been strong in maintaining a technical edge and its automotive training centres are no exception.

On a worldwide basis, Bosch annually trains in excess of 20,000 people throughout their network of technical centres located in 33 countries.

Bosch Australia’s involvement in training is well established, having provided service training for more than 30 years to the automotive vehicle manufacturers, TAFE colleges and its own Bosch service organisation. We are Bosch trained.

Why Choose Us ?

We have 3 Certified Queensland Transport Examiners on site for Safety certificates, Vehicle Defect notices and C.L. inspections for Hire vehicle certificates, including UBER hire vehicles.