Parramatta Service Centre-       *  To be the best we can, to provide good service to our customers .

Parramatta Service Centre is privately owned by Trevor and Luisa Ramm. 167 BUNDA St ( opposite Cairns central Shopping Centre) We opened in 1996.   Trevor ,Luisa, and Son Nathan all work in the business, Luisa Is the Office & Business Manager. Chelsea Ramm, the Daughter works at a Lawyer in Cairns city centre. At Parramatta Service Centre, we have 3  Certified Examiners to perform  Safety Certificates and taxi/uber hire car Certificates. Also we are Certified to repair /replace car Airconditioner parts/ repairs & regassing etc.    *  To be the best we can, to provide good service to our customers .

We use the best  long life synthetic oils and quality oil filters, fuel filters, brakes, electrical parts, wiper blades, holders and many
other parts  for warranty  log book services. we also do welding, metal machining for engines. Quite often we have School students during the school holidays in the workshop , to learn about the Trade.

Parramatta Service Centre have invested in Bosch Technical Training. Repco training, Snap on training, MTAQ training, General Motors training, Qld Transport training. Our mechanics travel  to do study and to be to be trained on the latest new systems. Normally we receive information well ahead of the arrival of new models, so we can be ready to service and repair the latest cars on the market. We also have attended Bosch Training in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Victoria and Tasmania at TAFE Colleges with other Dealer Mechanics from all over Australia and New Zealand.  We also have toured car factories, plastics factories, electronic factories, travelled to  Europe regularly to see the lastest designs, and have toured Ferrari, BMW and Lamborghini.

 All Tradesman  have completed certificate III in Automotive Service & Repairs, studying at Tafe Cairns. Trevor Ramm has completed Certificate IV in Automotive Diagnostics, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Certificate III in Automotive Electrical & Electronics. Trevor Teaches at Cairns Tafe  Cairns/tablelands , Mackay, Townsville, Mt Isa. Trevor part time at the Business, and Tafe , Mathew & Nathan are the 2 main guys you will talk to about your car , these guys are certificate III Automotive Electrical -Electronics and Mechanics, Airconditioning, Qld transport Examiners, Modifications approvals.   Facilities are First class at Cairns Tafe, where we all study,  and the Training Standards are very high, resulting in up to date , qualified Tradesman.    *  To be the best we can, to provide good service to our customers .

  • Services
  • Fuel Injection
  • Air-conditioning
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Safety Inspections
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Wheel Alignments

We have 2 Certified Queensland Transport Examiners on site for Safety certificates, Vehicle Defect notices and C.L. inspections for Hire vehicle certificates, including UBER hire vehicles.

We use Synthetic type high quality oils, Penrite, Valvoline, Castrol and Nulon as requested, There are many benefits of using high quality oils, such as better fuel consumption, more power, lasts longer, stays cleaner, better for exhaust convertors/filters. The service prices includes the good oils!

We are located close to Cairns’ City Centre, on Martyn St in Parramatta Park, about 1km north of Cairns Central Shopping Centre. We operate alongside Portsmith Fuel Central, commonly known by locals as Parramatta Service Station.   (  postal address -475 draper st )


What types of services, automatic machine-material continuity, are offered by repair shops within the Cairns Area, if any at all?

The types of services provided by the motor vehicle repair shops in Cairns span a wide spectrum from small routine maintenance such as oil changes, general inspection of the brake system and tires rotations to the more intricate tasks like finding engine problems, repairing the transmission system and fixing electrical system faults.

What do I should look for when something is worn out in my car?

Behaviour shown by your car and suggesting a need for repairs includes strange sounds, vibrations, red warning lights on the dashboard, starting problems, low fuel economy or leakage. If you see any of these symptoms you have to take your car to an authorized car repair shop in Cairns.

Is there by chance a place of repairs in Cairns available or just follow the recommendation and auto shop owned by the dealership?

While in your case, the dealer may suggest several repair shops, however, this does not mean you have to use any of them anyway. You are free to select best among many Car repairers available in Cairns to handle your Car routine maintenance and repairs.

Describing which way is there an automobile repair shop in Cairns can be tricky?

One of the first things you want to reduce anxiety when looking for a reliable car repair shop in Cairns is to ask for a reference from your friends, relatives, or even colleagues who might have received a similar service recently. Take the opportunity to read the reviews, ratings elj indeed the credentials and certifications of the chaat elj some the time adn you find out their rivening. If your car is a particular year and mode, you might put a question that how long they have been serving that engine.

What is car maintenance in Cairns cost actually?

The cost of car repair in Cairns depends on different factors, such as the type of service, the level of damage the vehicle has incurred, and the labor rates of the mechanic. This can be anywhere from relatively affordable to quite expensive depending on these types of factors. You might be asked to seek a full quote before any repairs are done and that is the rightway to have an idea of the amount that a particular job may cost you and even stop unnecessary charges and costs unnecessary charges and and other additional costs.

Have the local requisition center installers any salary rights?

Most of the acknowledged car repair facilities in Cairns have warranties on revisions as well as the replacement parts. This eliminates the occurrence of the same fault in the warranty period so that it does not have to be paid again with extra charge.

It takes how long does it take to repair car in Cairns?

The time needed for repairing your car at Cairns will vary on how complicated it is, and the prioritization of the parts installation. Some cases like oil changes or tire rotation occur in an hour or so but serious damages may take few days or more for fix. The chosen repair shop should give me an ETD (Estimated Time of Delivery) so I can know when my car would have been returned to good working condition.

Is auto repair green?

The Cairns automobile repair workshops contribute to a sustainability factor of fuel efficiency in that they ensure the running state of the vehicles so that they use less fuel and emit little as smoke. On the other hand, some establishments use the repair service, so that they recycle hazardous materials and parts of older parts, and this contributes to the environment.

What the Car Repair Shops in Cairns service their customers from further?

Many Cairns auto service companies have the required skills to service most cars regardless of the model (local or foreign) or carrier. Nevertheless, prudent to ask the shop first about any special expertise on the type of vehicle in need of repair by the shop before setting the date of repairs.

Is whistleblowing, espionage, and cybercrime the only drivers of internal control systems in the Cairns’ car repair shops?

People who have cars repaired at most of the car repair shops in Cairns are able to either have a loaner vehicle or be presented with shuttle services to ensure that they have a comfortable experience while their automobiles are being serviced. Scheduling should be thoroughly discussed to allow for probing of all such possibilities.

Why Choose Us ?

We have 3 Certified Queensland Transport Examiners on site for Safety certificates, Vehicle Defect notices and C.L. inspections for Hire vehicle certificates, including UBER hire vehicles.