There are many stories about which fuel types to use. We have found that the best choice of fuel is what the car maker says to use in your country.

Most cars run fine on regular unleaded petrol.

Premium 95ron and 98ron cost more and have some minor performance improvement, but the cost to use this fuel wont save you enough money to be economical. One myth is that premium fuels are better by being more clean. Although this means your exhaust might be cleaner in gas emissions, your fuel system still will get cleaned with regular fuel.

Try different fuels yourself. Keep a logbook and you will see regular fuel gives the best return for money. Most of the best stories and reports we have heard come from people without log books. Some European cars are made to run premium 95, this is more to do with exhaust emissions. The engine computer will adjust to our fuels without any problems. Again refer to your service book to see what fuel to use.

RACQ have done studies on fuels. Results say regular is the best option.

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