Running a Car Economically

The best way to get the most value from your car is to buy the car that’s best suited for you.

Ask your mechanic what cars are their favourite to work on why they like them.

Ask RACQ, read Choice magazine and use the Internet.

Google the brand of car and look for comments from other people. Some makes have pages of problems and you will see what makes are just Lemons and costly. Ask your Mum and Dad about their experiences.

Cars can change from model to model too. It might just be in 1995 one model was top of the line, but in 2004 a different one may be better. After you have made the best choice, service your car every six months.

Tips for Cost-Efficient Driving

  • Keep tyres pumped up hard – 32psi minimum.
  • Don’t wear tyres down too low. Cars roll better using quality tyres with good tread. You are not saving money using the last 20% of tread – you get a rough ride, use more fuel, wear out steering parts quicker and get more punctures. And, it’s unsafe in the wet.
  • Don’t carry any items in the car you don’t need: It adds weight, costs fuel and adds wear.
  • Turn off any electrical items you’re not using, this saves fuel.
  • Drive slower and don’t brake so hard.
  • Don’t use fuel cleaners in your fuel – they don’t burn.
  • If you have engine problems see your mechanic as soon as possible.
  • Buy fuel efficient tyres. Avoid the cheap ones. All tyre makers now make tyres that roll with less resistance and they’re great.
  • Make sure your engine oil is always full, as oil cools as well as lubricates. If you change your oil buy the right oil suited for your engine.
  • Lastly, remember if you want to use a four wheel drive around town, you must pay the extra costs. They are heavier, have more to service and as they age they cost more to maintain.

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