Which car to buy? Costs vary for different makes.

The Automotive Industry has been changing over the past , more and more strict Emission controls ( exhaust Gas)   for the Enviroment.  As of 2036 Petrol and Diesel cars wont be sold for passenger cars . We CAN continue to drive our existing cars we own after 2036.   Electric, Hydrogen type cars are planned 2036 onwards.   If you google which cars are the best, you will see most often Toyota is number 1  .     For many reasons.   There can be a massive difference in the cost of repairs to cars, if you purchase a Model which has known problems, and many cars do.   Buying on the looks of the car , is the worst thing you can do.  If you need to take care of your Money, and most of us do,  its best to ask a Mechanic, what to buy?    Then stick to these brand cars.  Just a note about longer new car warranties-  Because modern cars start having problems at lower kilometers and age, some people trade in Early, so they dont get these problems.  A plan that has worked for years.   Today a common complaint is,  i purchased a new car, not to have problems,  but my new car has had 3 or 4 problems and when i need it fixed under warranty, its a 2-3 week wait to get it in.   Some people are getting a Loan car included in their warranty now to avoid this problem.   However cars are now more expensive to run, choosing the best Brand and type to buy is MOST important. Some have a 10 year warranty! Normally the larger the car, the larger the costs are ! Most Toyota brand cars , let you have the option of selling the car at 5 years, or keeping it for 15 years.  Over 15 years the Toyota will be the least expensive car you may ever own.  Pick the wrong Brand car, and it may cost you thousands before 8 years, and have very little resell value, costing you big time!   Mechanics are great Talkers, and love being asked for info and help choosing a car, and FREE too.


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