2018 world MX Championship – Parramatta racing rider, Brayden Plath is now number 1 in the world. The MX 65cc racer set very fast qualifying times, passing other fast riders with good speed, now crowned number 1- world champion.
The Husqvarna TC65 was fitted out with a Van Hasselt Exhaust, VHM cylinder head and special piston and tuning work to get the smooth fast power needed for Horsham track. The world championship was a huge success, and Horsham club is congratulated for holding the meeting, the first world championship in Australia. With USA returning and the best from Europe and other parts of the world the fastest riders were there from all countries.

The 2 racing unleaded fuels approved by FIM are not the same as the Australian race fuels we use, and will not make the same power . Unless you have a dyno, you will not see the result. It is a far better choice to use Australian pump fuel 95 or 98 for this race meeting. ( fuel testing will be done during the race meeting).

The bikes now come with HGS exhausts and Vforce reeds when purchased and better carb needles and jetting ( included in the price). Yamaha have a price reduction and specials on for these bikes at the moment, and the deals are extremely good. Strong rumours in Europe saying the new YZ85 is almost here and maybe a yz65 . The current yz85 and yz125 with the HGS and Vforce fitted, are very good value and race ready. There are also very easy mods ( not expensive) you can do to the YZ85 to make the powerband very good for MX and Flat Track. Not having a powervalve doesnt effect this bike at all, if tuned to suit racing conditions.

The YZ85 is great to transition to from a 65cc bike, and the YZ125 has always been a rocket after adding a HGS and Vforce.

These pistons work really well on the sx65 and sx85 with the cylinder height adjusted to lift the cylinder slightly, setting the cylinder height higher with the VHM pistons gives very good power gains, and hole shots.

When installing the VHM piston, call or email us and we will advise you how to get the most from this , by setting the cylinder height . This is a simple mod for extra power, note the VHM piston can only be used with the VHM head, but you dont need the powervalve adjuster or base.( unless you want to be able to adjust the powervalve, for other mods)

The new 65 is now on display and has had some track tests. Riders love the bike, saying engine power is good, suspension and steering is good, so Yamaha have plenty of pre-orders already. We will be seeing quite a few Yamaha YZ65,s on the track in June, when all the stock arrives . Engine tuners in USA and Europe have them on the Dynos already.

The part that causes the crankcases to crack is a small locking washer that covers a idler drive gear. There is a replacement heavy duty part available priced from $35-$45 , and all model 2018 sx85 need to have this part fitted before the crankcase becomes damaged/cracked , crankcases are $1059 and may not be available when you need them and a total strip down and rebuild is required, metal and alluminium particles need to be totally cleaned out, when rebuiding and carefull inspection of all parts for damage.

Customers with 2018 sx85 need to contact there dealer and ask for this to be done, or purchase and fit the new heavy duty part them selves, it is only required to remove the clutch outer case to replace the part,

30 to 40 minutes work.

Riders need to remember the races are longer than normal, 25 to 30 minutes. Cooling systems need to be in good condition, gearing adjusted for easy riding over that time, internal compression of the engine needs to be controlled to stop engine temps getting too high and detonation occurs.

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