KTM SX85 2018 Crankcase Failures

The part that causes the crankcases to crack is a small locking washer that covers a idler drive gear. There is a replacement heavy duty part available priced from $35-$45 , and all model 2018 sx85 need to have this part fitted before the crankcase becomes damaged/cracked , crankcases are $1059 and may not be available when you need them and a total strip down and rebuild is required, metal and alluminium particles need to be totally cleaned out, when rebuiding and carefull inspection of all parts for damage.

Customers with 2018 sx85 need to contact there dealer and ask for this to be done, or purchase and fit the new heavy duty part them selves, it is only required to remove the clutch outer case to replace the part,

30 to 40 minutes work.

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