VHM KTM sx65 cylinder exhaust flange , much better sealing and high grade alluminium wears better.

Doesnt use the spring plate at all.

Any exhaust leakage effects powervalve opening. Price $59.95 (Contact us to purchase)

Totally new crank.

More over-rev, less vibration and smoother power,special inertia.

Ali silencer.

Handmade work of art./p>

Price is for front pipe only.

Shock Springs of various sizes and weight for KTM50Jr, KTM50S, CX65, KTM65, WP, Kayaba and Showa.

Fork Springs of various sizes and weight for CX50Jr, P3, LEMR3, KTM50JrSr, CX65, KTM65, LEM65, XP6, KX85, KX100, YZ85, CR85-150f, RM85.

This swing arm has been made with high grade Alluminium, seam Tig welded with ER5356 Alluminium Magnesium filler rod AWS-A5.10 Grade.

These materials conform to engineering code class ER5356 and have a tensile strengh of 38000 psi. The assembly is jig welded and then heat treated and stress relieved.

The bare assembly has a 2 year manufacture warranty.

Download a copy of the Techical Information and Warranty to print 436.41 Kb

Goldentyre GT280 soft racing motocross tyre. The tyre works really well in wet or dry sand /mud. The special soft rubber compound grips hard pack areas as well which maybe in the sand or on jumps, the side lugs are flexible for cornering.

This tyre makes the bike steady in sand / mud and is much safer to race with . The tyre is not a paddle tyre, it works well on sand,mud,hard pack areas and has been designed to corner well under racing conditions. Used by most motocross racers in Europe Asia , USA and now Australia. Available in mini sizes 10,12.,14.16 inch. Delivered from the factory by air freight to Australia in small orders, the rubber compound is fresh and grippy, maximum performance obtained.

Wipe on wash off. Removes rust stains. Septone ALIBRITE metal cleaner.

Phone 07 3390 5044 for stockists. Then use Autosol metal polish if you need a shining new finish.

Gain more torque.

Use 2 for great gains in sand, as used by Ivan Petrov the 65 European Championship.

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