EHR Rave Powervalve Adjuster KTM 65 2009-2010
With this adjuster you can set your powervalve with a clickable system by turning the cap and counting the clicks. By turning you are able to increase or decrease the pressure in the powervalve housing, you can simply adjust it without using any tool or taking out any part of your motorbike!

We have measured on our dyno with a powervalve positioning sensor on which pressure and revolutions the valve starts to open . For the most common settings we have developed this system where you still will be able to regulate it up or down with an accurate click system.

For example with an original KTM exhaust you have to turn it out 5 to 7 clicks but for a HGS exhaust you must turn it out 9 to 11 clicks, the FMF 10-13 clicks out because these exhausts will give you less back pressure.

Therefore it is important that when you mount the exhaust front pipe you also change the VITON O-rings in the front of the exhaust just to be sure it is not leaking!


By placing the original pressure spring on top instead of under the diaphragm from the powervalve, your spring will stay clean from oil and carbon. This will give you better performance and a constantly good working powervalve.

Works great with the Full HGS System.

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