With a reputation for quality, service and leading edge technology, Sumitomo Tire is a premium tire brand offering a unique mix of quality and value.

What makes Penrite a Better Class of Oil?

Penrite premium engine oils are higher rated for all engine types and for all applications.

The Marangoni brand reflects every aspect of Italian flair echoing the high class couture that is synonymous with Italian culture. Marangoni through its authorised dealers also provide a “Tyre Lifetime Warranty” which covers not only manufacturing abnormalities but also covers accidental damages which are unrepairable.

Clear Vision Day and Night

Clear vision is critical to the safety of drivers and passengers, especially during bad weather.

Smart Technology

Yttrium Patented Innovation from Bosch optimises electronic engine management and maximises engine performance.

Why Choose Us ?

We have 3 Certified Queensland Transport Examiners on site for Safety certificates, Vehicle Defect notices and C.L. inspections for Hire vehicle certificates, including UBER hire vehicles.