Our qualified mechanics can perform many types of maintenance for your vehicle. Below are the prices of some regular services we provide.


We have 2 Certified Queensland Transport Examiners on site for Safety certificates, Vehicle Defect notices and C.L. inspections for Hire vehicle certificates, including UBER hire vehicles.

We use Synthetic type high quality oils, Penrite and Valvoline , There are many benefits of using high quality oils, such as better fuel consumption, more power, lasts longer, stays cleaner, better for exhaust convertors. The service prices includes the good oils!

Explore superior car repair shops offering high-quality Penrite and Valvoline synthetic oils. Experience benefits like improved fuel efficiency, more power, durability, cleaner performance, and exhaust converter health. Our service prices include these premium oils. Contact us for customized solutions!

If what you require isn’t on the list, please contact us and we’ll be able to give you more information!

Please call or email for the pricing of each service.

Other Common Services

  • Safety Certificates
    car $90 trailer $45
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Coolant Flush and Replace
  • Brake Fluid Flush and Replace
  • Wheel Alignment – Front Only
  • Wheel Alignment – Front and Rear
  • Air-Conditioning – Re-gas
    (Note: System must have no leaks)
    Licence Number: AU03802
  • Air-Conditioning – Leak Testing, find leaks.
  • Computer Scan Test
  • Puncture Repairs- passenger tyres.
Regular Servicing

Regular servicing keeps your vehicle running smoothly and allows the identification of any safety issues early. Click on the type of service to find out more about what maintenance is performed.


1. What types of services are usually available at the car repair shops?

Some of the services that are offered by car repair shops include, but are not limited to routine maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations, brake repairs, engine diagnostics, electrical system repairs, suspension work; transmission repairs and also general automotive troubleshooting. Other outlets may also offer many other services including wheel alignment, repairs of the air conditioning and maintenance of the exhaust system.

2. How can I tell when my vehicle needs professional help?

Pay attention to the warning signs, such as weird sounds, strange smells from your car, lights on your dashboard that indicate problems with its functioning or any other visible alteration in its performance. The regular maintenance schedules as provided in the owner’s manual also assist to minimize the occurrence of critical problems by attending them at the time when they occur.

3. Should garages act as not only cure shops, but also as prevention centers?

Auto repair and service outlets do not only address the current problems but also form an very important part of the preventive practices. Preventive maintenance such as routine inspections, fluid top-offs and replacements can detect potential problems early enough before they grow into serious ones which are very expensive to repair.

4. Which car repair shop is the best for me?

Some of the considerations to make when evaluating an auto shop include the reputation, certifications, professionalism of the technicians that work in the given facility, customer feedbacks as well as the range of services offered. You can also seek referrals from your friends, relatives or even colleagues to identify a reputable and very reliable car repair shop.

5. How frequent should I service my car?

The intervals between the services vary and depend on your car’s make, model, and age of the vehicle itself; on top of that driving habits also play a significant part in this calculation and manufacturer recommendations. The general rule of thumb is that maintenance works like an oil change, tire rotation, and brake check ups are usually done after 3000-7500 miles.

6. Do the car repair shops offer warranties for their workmanship?

A number of well-established auto repair shops come with warranties on both the parts supplied and also the services rendered. Before any repairs are done, it is very important to ensure that the details of the warranty have been properly discussed with the shop. Warranties could differ so ensure that you know how long it covers and any stipulations that attach to it.

7. What kind of estimation can be provided for the cost of repair before giving permission for that work to start?

Car repair shops generally offer quotes for the price of the repairing a car. Note, however, that the actual price can differ as far as some hidden factors occur during the implementation stage. Communicating with the shop as far as your budget concerns and not proceeding without an authorization when the cost to repair exceeds the estimated charges can ensure that no surprises occur.

8. Are there any alternatives for cheap fixing of the car?

With the regular maintenance schedules and fixing of problems immediately, more costly repairs can be avoided in the future. Also, some retailers provide various promotions, discounts and also loyalty programs. It may also be wise to obtain at least two or three estimates for the major repairs to ensure that the pricing was reasonable.

9. Is it also possible to bring your own parts at a car repair shop?

Though in some shops, the customers are allowed to carry their own parts, it is advisable to use the supplied ones. Such equipment guarantees the good quality of its parts and in many cases, carries a warranty.

10. What is the average amount of time it takes to repair a car at a regular repair shop?

The time needed for fixing a car depends on what the problem with it is. Some will be done within a couple of hours, while others may take a few days to complete depending on how detailed they are or even the length it takes for the replacement parts to be made available. Interaction with the repair shop can provide an adequate understanding of how long it will take to fix a car.

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We have 3 Certified Queensland Transport Examiners on site for Safety certificates, Vehicle Defect notices and C.L. inspections for Hire vehicle certificates, including UBER hire vehicles.