Cobra CX50 (KING) Senior bike

What a ripper! The fastest 50 made for racing so far.

The suspension is extremely good and the handing of this bike is great.

The bike comes std with Vforce reeds, a full circle racing type performance crankshaft and a insert type 2 piece cylinder head and adjustable ignition timing. The cooling system on this engine is very well designed, engine works well in sand as well as long tracks and also the ignition stator and housing is cooled really well to stop failures.

Best mods- HGS exhaust, reduce squish clearance, adjust slipper clutch tighter (70-80) use a good engine tachometer and adjust clutch engagement speed 8500rpm to 9500 for racing.

Cobra CX65

The suspension and handling is very good. The engine needs more power to compete in racing. The primary compression ratio needs to be changed, using stuffing to enhance the flow from the crankcases into the cylinder. The engine needs a better crankshaft , a full circle type race crankshaft. The powervalve is not adjustable in any way, except modifiying it , trial and error. The Carby is old fashioned round slide, and is not close to the engine induction. Comes std with Vforce reeds which is great.

Best mods – HGS exhaust works well. Crankcase stuffing required. Use the KTM type 24mm carby, and best to bore to 26mm, need to modify intake rubber boots and air cleaner boot.

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