How to race /ride CHEAP .

There are some things that cost riders, or parents alot of money,   1.   dirt passing into the engine.    2.  water passing into the engine.     3.  Forgetting to change the transmission oil.      4.  Items coming loose.

Water and or Dirt will destr0y inside the   modern 2 stroke.   Past the air filter, into the CRANKCASE, cranksgaft, bearings,  then into the cylinder and piston area.   Airfilters, claen and reoil but also double check fitted and sealed back in place.

Over pressure washing-     water in the carby?   water in the transmission?   water in electrical connectors?    Always cover the sparkplug when washing, ( cable tie on plug connector is great too)  use a air filter cover too.    Dont over wash with high pressure, just enough and stop.

Dirt track bikes vibrate alot, things come loose, keep rechecking.

Chains-    dry or wet ?      If you clean your chain , get dirt off , then lube it, it will last longer, less friction, faster bike!    WD40 first, as it will soak in , then a thicker lube on the out side works well.

Clutch adjustment-   cable type or hydraulic,   it must have FREEPLAY or it will get hot and burn out.

The small auto clutches KTM   sx50  – you really need a Tacho to check the engagement speed, remembering if the slip speed drops, they are very hard to tune, many dads spend hours with bog,s and hesitation, only later to find its clutch speed.

Mod engines, pipes heads etc-   When learning, there is no point really!   Until the rider is flat out, no power increase will help anyway!    More time riding is all thats needed, until there reving it flat out.

Buy in BULK-  engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, carby cleaner, chain lube, brake cleaner, air cleaner oil and washes.    Some cheap brands are available from auto shops.

Parents-   riding/racing bikes starts is FUN.  If you have a Champion in your family , your rider will prove to you how they are a Champion.  If your rider is not ever to be a Champion, well this is still a wonderfull sport to do.  Most young people who ride or race, learn skills that help them in all parts of their life, sometimes much later in life.   Sometimes, working on bikes, travelling, camping , the social side is fantasic.   The  coaching events available  , to gain skills not only in riding/racing, but other skills needed like food, exercise, education etc are fantasic.    If your rider doesnt become a Champion, chances are he will meet a Champion and become friends with him, life long friends.     Its a wonderfull sport and you will enjoy the ride.  The kids grow FAST,  i hope you enjoy the time in the sport.

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